Saturday, July 2, 2011

To Blog or Not to Blog

So I don't have that much time this morning and I was going to hold off on writing my first blog, but I was a little over anxious.  I'm not quite sure if I have much to share with you.  I really hope that this new blog is not boring or dull in any way.  I wanted a place I could share my adventures with God with other people.  I feel like He has taught me a lot over the years, and I would like to share it with you. 
I should probably tell you a bit about myself before I share anything else.  I'm Kelsey.  Over the years I've fallen more in love with God every day.  He has been the closest friend to me when I felt I had none.  He has saved me from so much fear and anxiety and worry.  There is no one I love more.  I feel a call on my heart to go into ministry.  I believe worship leading is one ministry, but I also know I have a heart for the nations and for street evangelism.  For a very long time God has stirred a desire in my heart not to be like a "normal" Christian, but a fool for Christ.  I don't want to just be known for being a really nice person, I want to be known for not caring what anyone thinks, except God.  I want to be radical, and I hope everyday I am getting closer to that.  It is hard for me because I am unsure of myself and I'm shy and quite often socially awkward, but one thing I'm sure of more every day is the strength Christ holds within me.  I think even though I'm a small, insignificant person, God can use me, and all of us.  I can make a difference.  I'm just learning how to. 
So I am hoping to share with you my experiences, my failures and my growing experience with God, and I hope and pray that it can be an encouragement to you.  I will post again soon.  Sorry this is so short.  Thank you for reading!

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