Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why Wish for Something Different?

   I was talking to an old friend the other night, and we were saying that both of us struggle with wanting something different than what we have all the time.  For example, when you're home, wanting to be in school, but once you get to school, wanting to go back home.  You get the picture.  I think it's interesting that we seem to want to be everywhere EXCEPT where God has put us.  It's sad really, because I've realized how much I've missed as I'm wanting to be elsewhere.  I'm going off to Elim Bible Institute this fall, and in the beginning of this summer, I wanted summer to fly by so I could just get there.  I felt so ready to be out of here.  So ready to grow up and move on in life.  But as I think about it now, it seems so silly.  Life is so much sweeter when you savor every moment.  Even the little things can be great things if I take time to notice them.  Instead of looking ahead to my future all the time, I'm learning to just enjoy being who I am, where I am, right now.  After all, God put me here.  Doesn't that mean it's the best place for me and also the place I will be blessed the most?  Why would I ever trade that?  So as this summer is flying by, I'm learning to enjoy the little things.  I'm realizing what  beautiful place I live in, what a great family I have, what I great church I go to, and what great friends I have right where I am.  There's no better place for me to be.

   There's been so many "little" blessings this summer.  It's funny how God cares about the little things.  Lately I feel like He wants me to get involved in more hardcore outdoorsy things, like surfing, hiking, running, biking, and maybe some rock climbing.  It just makes me smile that He wants me to do the things I enjoy, even if it seems unimportant to me.  So as I've decided to pursue some of these things, my cousin (the one on the left in the picture) came to visit this weekend and brought me a brand new pair of running sneakers! Ironic?  God never ceases to make me laugh or smile!  Part of His little blessings was my cousin visiting me.  It's so nice to have someone my age in the family who loves the Lord like I do.  I feel like it gives me a boost spiritually.  We just had such an amazing weekend together, and I feel like I learned a bit more about who God is through her.  She also made me appreciate what I have here more.  She kept saying how beautiful it is here.  As she kept saying it I found myself thinking, "Wow, she's so right.  I live in an amazing place!"  Sometimes it's good to see things from a person on the outside looking in.  We forget how much we have!  I've added some pictures of places near me.

    I just encourage whoever may read this to not feel as though you're "waiting for life to begin."  That's not how it should be.  God puts us wherever we are for a reason and He has a plan for us there.  Don't wish for something other than what God has given you.  There's a reason He didn't give you what you want.  Even if you have a hard time seeing His blessings, they are there.  Ask Him to show Himself to you in the little things.  He will.  He is faithful.  He also knows how important His encouragement is.  Enjoy every moment.  Savor it.  Hold unto every moment and blessing as long as you can until it's time to let go of it.  Take in as many blessings as you can in this life.  There's no better place for you than where you are right now.

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  1. It's good to be content in the place where God has you. I believe it was Paul that said while he was in prison. I have learned to be content wherever I am. (deb's paraphrased version)
    I am excited about what God is doing and is going to do in your life!! God bless ya girl, Deb